All we need is Magic

As some of you know I will be undertaking a 100 mile bike ride in two weeks for a charity that is very near and dear to my wife and I’s heart. We have been involved the past few years with this wonderful organization and while we don’t have kids of our own we have seen the amazing transformations that magicians bring to sick children in the hospital. Just recently the program has expanded to the Intensive Care Unit and their success has been even greater! Those children in the ICU have seen no one but doctors, nurses or family for a number of days, weeks or months…all of a sudden they are able to have a few minutes away from being poked, prodded, etc… and get a smile back on their face. I get emotional every time I think about just how much that means to the children and also their parents.

As part of my ride I’m trying to raise $1,000 for the charity. For all those that donate I will be raffling off three 16×20 canvas prints of a photo of your choice – every $25 is an ‘entry’ into the raffle but for those that give $50 or $100 you will get three and six entries, respectively.

Please visit this link to help bring a little magic to hospitalized children!

Photo of the Day – 100 miles down the long road


2 thoughts on “All we need is Magic

    • Thanks for reading George and if you are able a contribution would be great. The charity has been doing amazing work in the Chicago area and like I said recently expanded into the Intensive Care Unit. The magicians are one of the only people these children see that are doctors or nurses during their stays there. Thanks again for reading.

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