Yellowstone Reflections

I just started getting into photography when I went out west to Yellowstone – I purchased a couple hundred dollar Canon Powershot for the trip and that thing did take some amazing pictures. This was one of the first mornings we were there. I woke early and went out to this spot that I had scouted the morning before (unfortunately this was nine years ago so I can’t remember where it was) and got a bunch of shots. Back then I didn’t know to move around or you come back with 90 of the exact same shot just with differing light so I have a lot of this same spot. I did know at that point to try and incorporate something in the foreground to add a sense of scale – so at least I had that part right!

Photo of the Day – Yellowstone

Anyone know exactly where this is? It could be in Grand Teton National Park too – I didn’t keep accurate notes back then? Either way I NEED to get back there….soon.


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