Fall is one of my favorite seasons – the leaves change and the temperature drops but not to the point where we are wearing winter coats or anything like that. I’m not sure I’d like to live in a place where the weather is pretty much always the same. Don’t get me wrong I love visiting but to have it be 80 degrees all year round with no seasons where you experience changing leaves, a chill in the air or snow occasionally (I’m not a fan of winter but an occasional snow is nice).

Photo of the day – Paradise Lost

Another morning in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I was down early scouring the beach for chairs. If you weren’t down there before 8 AM ‘marking’ your chair with a magazine, a beach bag or towel there was no shot you’d have a chair when you actually came down to the beach after you ate breakfast. I get up early anyways but I found the practice of ‘saving’ chairs to be very unappealing. Still because everyone else was doing it and there were a couple of days we came down to the beach and weren’t able to find chairs I started doing it every morning.


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