Grand Canyon Sunset

We got back from the canyon late last night after a few hour delay on American Airlines (please get your pilot situation fixed! It’s going to seriously impact me next month when I have to travel weekly for business!) and I had a busy and stressful day catching up in the office on stuff I missed the past few days. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the cell reception was lousy in the canyon and our hotel’s wifi was non-existent (they blamed their carrier and apologized but in all honesty I didn’t miss it and was a little happy to not be obsessively checking my fantasy football team – just don’t tell my wife that or she might expect me to be productive on Sundays).

Photo of the Day – Breathtaking

Your first view of the Grand Canyon is absolutely breathtaking. As I talked to co-workers today they asked about my trip and there is really no explanation for it. You just have to see it. I saw pictures in the past and thought I had an idea of what it was like but pictures cannot describe it – it is just amazing.

Our first sunset over the Grand Canyon. This was taken from Hopi Point which is considered to be the best place in the Canyon to catch the sunset because of the views to the East and the West.

What was actually most interesting that night was what was unexpected and that was the purple rain in the distance. It had rained on and off all day but I noticed the break in the bottom of the clouds which I thought would at least provide some color for sunset. However, the rain hadn’t stopped in the distance and as a result we were treated to a colorful passing rain over Mount Trumbull (on the horizon in the upper right hand corner of this image). Most people were so focused on the sunset that they missed the rain but that was such a bonus to this image that I had to take a wide angle and capture both the sunset and the purple reflecting rain.


14 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Sunset

    • Awesome! It’s unbelievable – I’m sure you will love it. The first time you see it you will be amazed because it will look nothing like you pictured but rather 5x bigger!

      I’d recommend Hopi Point for sunset but Yaki Point for sunrise. Don’t go right to Yaki Point though – go about 100 yards to the right of where the bus drops you off. There is a little part where the canyon juts out and comes to a sharp point. I went there twice at sunrise and watched the canyon come alive – its awesome!

    • It was on mine too. Was very happy to check that one off of my list. My heart was beating so fast for a few minutes before catching my first glimpse of it. I was as excited as a kid on Christmas and it didn’t disappoint!

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