“Officially” the End

So tomorrow morning I ride 100 miles for sick kids in hospitals. I haven’t trained as much as I did last summer so I’m a little nervous about it. However, every time I think about it or start to feel self-pity I just need to think about why I’m doing it and what those kids would give in order to be up out of their hospital beds riding a bike…we take so much for granted.

Even though I am riding tomorrow there is still time to donate – my link will be active for a couple of weeks – so thanks again for all of your support.

Riding Miles for Magic

Photo of the Day – Getting Close

The sun is setting on ‘summer’ and we are moving into fall. I need to get on top of things and get out in Chicago and get some sunrise pictures the next few weekends before we ‘fall back’ and I have to get up an hour earlier to catch that magic moment.


2 thoughts on ““Officially” the End

    • I did a 100 mile bike ride for a charity earlier today – the charity is called Open Heart Magic, but they have a running team called ‘Miles for Magic’. I ran in a 1/2 marathon last year for them and also did the 100 mile bike ride. This year I skipped the half marathon but still did the bike ride….next year going to try for a triathlon. That was the goal this year too but never got around to practicing the swim.

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