Sunrise in the Grand Canyon

Had an hour or so to start going through some Grand Canyon pictures tonight and it’s so hard to pick out my favorites – which I guess is a good thing. I have a busy weekend in front of me trying to narrow all of these down.

I went to Yaki Point on our first morning in the Grand Canyon because I read that it was the best place to see both east and west down the canyon at sunrise. Seeing the canyon light up from pitch black to the soft tones of sunrise is really something that everyone should experience. It was an amazing site. ‘Yaki Point’ is actually the cliff in the upper left hand corner of this picture. There were several people up there taking in the view as well. There were another handful of people who wandered over to the east and went to another cliff to experience. That’s where I was standing. I wasn’t the first to arrive so I wasn’t able to get out at the farthest point but I made a mental note and came back two mornings later a half hour earlier (got there at 5 AM for a 6:20 sunrise) to make sure I had that spot all to myself – I’ll process some of those pictures this weekend and share next week – the sunrise was even better!

Photo of the Day – Yaki Point Sunrise

It wasn’t just the view that made this morning special but it was the sounds. I don’t know exactly what was going on with the Elk this particular morning but I heard a lot of calls in the distance that added to the atmosphere and made you feel like you were out there experiencing something magical. As we drove back to our hotel for a nap after sunrise we actually saw a giant bull elk and a harem of ‘elketts?’ on the side of the road and I got some good shots of him establishing his dominance.


3 thoughts on “Sunrise in the Grand Canyon

  1. Gorgeous! The early morning sojourn was worth it, from my arm chair perspective. Was there in July and had mostly clouds and rain. Second time I’ve driven two hours for two overlooks and bad weather… makes it all the more alluring and your photos all the more fantastic! Way to capture it… and thanks for the elk sound. They do bugle off in their own unique way! – Thanks, Renee

    • Thanks Renee! We had clouds/rain the first day as well and I was worried (as I always am) that we were going to be unlucky. We got fortunate to have a turn in the weather and it cleared up the last couple of days we were there.

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