Rattle the Cage

I randomly came across this video the other day via another photographer’s website – Blame the Monkey. He was involved in taking photographs for the promotion of the film. This film appears to have already been made and they are screening across the country now. I will be watching to see when it comes to Chicago but check your local listings to see if it is in your area. Elephants are perhaps my favorite animal and it breaks my heart in some of the first frames of this video to see them treated poorly.

Photo of the Day – Camelback Window

My wife’s flight got delayed and she wasn’t going to get into to Phoenix until 9:30 PM so I had about six hours to kill. Rather than just sitting at the airport twiddling my thumbs I decided to head out and explore Phoenix. I did a few google searches and decided to hike Camelback mountain which is a few miles from Phoenix and is considered to be an ‘urban’ hike. I rented a car and drove over to the trailhead and started my climb to the top of the mountain. 1.2 miles and 900 feet of elevation gain so it wasn’t a ‘huge’ hike but it was a challenge – but I was amazed with all the people doing trail running on the mountain because it was very steep in a lot of areas. As I hiked up the mountain I needed a rest and glanced over my shoulder and saw this so I pulled off the trail and went and sat in the shade. It was 104 degrees when I started the hike (How do people live in Phoenix?) so any shade where the temperature was ten degrees cooler was welcome. I enjoyed the framing aspect of this on the mountain in the distance.


2 thoughts on “Rattle the Cage

  1. Hahaha my favourite uncles live in Phoenix and it IS insanely hot! I loove the shot and, what a wise decision you made to head to explore Phoenix instead of waiting in the airport. I can now fully appreciate your pictures by clicking them, I can’t believe I hadn’t considered that as an option!! PS: How do people trail run with those temperatures?!

    • Glad that worked out – maybe I should make a point to mention it on the site occasionally! Next time you go take a hike up Camelback Mountain. It’s pretty intense. Only 1.2 miles long (2.4 miles roundtrip) but 900 feet of elevation change. For a city boy used to the flat midwest the locals idea of an ‘easy’ city trail was a bit crazy!

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