The TSA – Warning to all Travelers!

In case you truly believed that your valuables were safe at the airport – think again! If you didn’t see this story you have to check it out to see just how quickly your valuables can disappear into the hands of a TSA thief with experience in identifying (by the x-ray scan) just what bags to check and which bags to let through. Not all of them are just looking for explosives either – some of them, like Pythias Brown, are seeking your cameras, laptops or iPads. Always keep your eye on these things because they can disappear quicker than you’d expect. Mr. Brown, at the time of his arrest, had sold more than $800,000 in electronics via eBay – that number is mind blowing! How could it possibly go undetected for so long?

Photo of the Day – Crime Scene or Logan Airport at Sunrise?

The sunrise over Logan Airport in Boston, Mass. it was the only time on this trip that I woke up and the sky of fire didn’t disappoint!


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