Questions without Answers

Maybe there is an answer but I don’t understand why anyone, with modern medical science proving it, would ever believe that an elephant or rhinoceros tusk would have any from of healing powers. It breaks my heart when I read articles like this one about elephant poachers in Chad who murder these wonderful creatures in order to get the ivory. It is just heartbreaking to me to see it happen over and over and over again. I started researching charities that help prevent the poaching of animals but I didn’t find anything that looked legitimate. If anyone finds anything please pass it on because they deserve better protection than they are getting now.

Photo of the Day – Mojave Point Sunset

This was the second sunset we watched and the wind was whipping around the Grand Canyon to the point that I wasn’t sure my tripod was going to actually be able to capture an image with no camera shake. I was pleasantly surprised when I got back home and the images were clear enough that I felt comfortable putting them on the website. I really liked this one because it looked back at the canyon and captured the changing light on the faces of the spires in the canyon.


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