What a day I had yesterday putting the final touches on a surprise party for my wife on Saturday night. I wanted to throw her a party because she is starting graduate school full-time in January. She has worked so hard the past eighteen months getting all of her pre-requisites done and at times it has been extremely frustrating but she followed her heart, worked hard and made it happen. I’m extremely proud of her and know she’s going to be successful at nursing school (the grad program at Rush is often regarded as one of the top programs in the US) the same way she’s succeeded at every thing else in her life.

I don’t post alot of portraits up here on the site because I want to make it more about travel photography and places that we visit – however, this is one of my favorite pictures of my wife. It was from our trip last year to Boston and she was sitting on the edge of the Pond in Boston Common feeding the ducks a bagel we stole from the hotel’s free breakfast. The fall colors in the trees in the background add to her beauty.

Photo of the Day – G in Boston Garden

So yesterday, I felt a bit like Ray Liotta from Goodfellas when he’s trying to do ten things at once right before he gets busted at the end of movie and rats out all of his friends. I had a three hour window where I had to get a lot of stuff done because my wife had a CPR class in the morning. I got most of it done but a friend of ours, who also hosted the party, was a rock star and without her help and the help of her husband we wouldn’t have been able to pull it out so a big shout out to the P’s for all of their help. At dinner that night G was asking what I was going to do for her 30th birthday and suggested that I throw her a ‘surprise’ party than noted that it would never work because I can’t keep a secret. Well keep it I did for two months – it was a challenge but I was able to hold on despite almost slipping alot in that last week.

I also want to thank everyone who came to the party – she was truly surprised and very appreciative to feel the love of all her friends.


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