The Magnolia Hotels are a chain of boutique hotels that are among my favorite that I’ve been to in all my travels. I’ve been to the ones in Dallas, Houston and Denver and I love the little consistencies across all the hotels. The first being that every room I’ve had has been massive and they are (relatively) cheap. If you sign up for their emails you will get a ton of offers for $99/night rooms which for those locations is very reasonable. Along with the rooms being very nice they also provide two free drinks at the bar at happy hour (6 – 7 PM) and milk and cookies from 8-10:30. I’ve yet to take advantage of the drinks because I’m usually out taking pictures but when I get back to the hotel I’ll always stop and have two or three cookies before heading upstairs for the night. If you are ever in one of those cities (there are two or three other ones in the South/West also) do yourself a favor and check them out.

Photo of the Day – Pegasus

The Pegasus sign is a Dallas icon and it is situated on top of the Magnolia Hotel in Downtown Dallas. It is a combination of two 30×50 foot neon signs in the shape of one of the best known mythological creatures – a winged horse that is (or was) also the Exxon Mobil ‘mascot’ and was on most of their gas station signs throughout the country.

The above image was actually taken an hour or so before sunset as I walked around the city looking for places to get a good picture of the skyline. Dallas is one of the most frustrating places to actually try and find a skyline shot of the city….I never did manage to find one so if anyone knows a good spot I’m all ears.


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