The Streak

So I am almost halfway through my 365 day project of posting a picture everyday. It’s not really a ‘project’ but rather just something I set out to do so that I would continue to work on my photography even when I get busy at work.

We are entering a busy time and one of the casualties of being on the road for worn is that sometimes the wifi at your hotel is out and thus you can’t post a picture. Thank goodness for iPhones because I’m able to keep the streak alive. This picture was taken with my iPhone and processed with the app 100 Cameras-in-One. It’s a pretty sweet app if you want to add some dream like effects to your pictures with textures of varying degrees. Well worth the $0.99.

Photo of the Day – Grand Canyon in a Dream

So technically I’m not at this hotel for work but rather I am taking the day partially off tomorrow to do some picture taking in Joshua Tree National Park. Unfortunately I think the Grand Canyon spoiled me from national parks though. I showed up here for sunset and went to the spot they said has the best view and I was not impressed. I still took a decent amount of pictures and the actual trees are cool.

Did you know they can grow up to 40 feet tall and grow at a very patient rate of one inch per year! The park ranger showed me one that started growing 12 years ago and it was just barely over a foot tall. I am only 5’6″ but that still means I’d have to live another 54 years to come back here and see eye to eye with the tree. That’s probably not true though because if, by some miracle, I live to 86 I’m sure I’ll have shrunk a bit so maybe I’ll come back at 83 to see the progress the little guy was making.


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