Sunrise at Joshua Tree

Long day today but well worth it – started with a 4 AM wakeup call to drive into Joshua Tree. I had an 11 AM conference call that I had to take so I had to be at the airport earlier than I thought so I wanted to make sure to give myself plenty of time to get to the Palm Springs Airport (Sidenote: The Palm Springs Airport is fabulous!) so I knew I better get into the park early. Driving around in the pitch black I was searching for some unique looking ‘trees’ – I guess they are technically Yucca Plants and not trees but look at them they look like trees – that would look good silhouetted against the sunrise. This was taken from a single exposure shot (-2 exposure to get the background color while leaving the tree silhouetted) with very minimal touch up in photoshop.

Photo of the Day – Silhouetted Joshua Tree

Congratulations to the Detroit Tigers for winning the ALCS and heading to the World Series. Thank God for Internet on planes which permitted me to follow along with each pitch while I flew from home this afternoon. I don’t like the week layoff until the start of the World Series (burned them the last time they played the Cardinals) but beggars can’t be choosers. Love Bonus Baseball!


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