Sweet Home Chicago

Off to a painting class this evening with several people from my family – this will be my first time attempting any sort of ‘art’ since junior high so we will see how it goes. Outside of painting my condo/apartment over the years I’ve never been much of a painter. Patience isn’t usually my thing. At least with photography – the digital kind – if I don’t like something I hit delete and try again. In Photoshop if I screw something up by trying to go to fast I can hit and erase what I just did and try it again…not so tonight so hopefully I’ll be able to slow it down a bit and make a decent painting.

Photo of the Day – Human Clay

I didn’t even know Creed was still a band, let alone playing in downtown Chicago at a decently sized venue. Apparently they still are and I can say that for being a ‘religious’ rock band there fans that were at the concert were kind of jerks. I was actually getting heckled by their fans for taking pictures – there was a bunch of flowers on one side of the street and in another picture I took from a different angle I was lining it up to use the flowers as a frame. A few folks in Creed shirts who had certainly had their fare share of booze came up behind me and asked if I was some sort of (insert homophobic slur here) for taking pictures of flowers. It’s hard to suck it up and not say anything but given that I’m older now and not in quite the shape I was to be able to throw down with a bunch of 25 year old punks probably isn’t the best idea.


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