The Morning Fog

We were in the Grand Canyon and we went to Yaki Point to watch the sunrise – on the drive back to the hotel for some well needed naps we came across a group of about ten elk in the morning fog/mist. This was the only bull elk among the group as the other nine were smaller females. Therefore, this guy was the true alpha male – he must have won a bunch of feats of strength against the other males because his harem was quite full. They were all very protective of him too – as we got closer and tried to photograph him he would let out a loud call and they would all turn and start following him away from us. We snapped a few pictures but then other people came and they eventually retreated into the woods too far for us to see them.

Photo of the Day – Alpha Male

Because of the fog in the forest the colors in this photo came out very flat so I added some sepia tones in Photoshop.

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