Shockingly my first

For as much as I travel it was a little shocking today that I was diverted and re-routed for the first time on an airplane. The weather in Chicago got really bad and my plane that was supposed to land (from Detroit) at 11:45 was sent to Indianapolis after they shut the airport down. We sat on the runway in Indy for about an hour before being released to go back to Chicago arriving about 3:30 after our scheduled arrival time. I wonder if I get frequent flyer credit for that? What about segments? I mean I technically landed/took off from a different airport so I should get some form of credit for my troubles.

The time on the plane did give my wife sometime to tell me that I was being foolish for not driving home to Detroit this weekend for the World Series games with my Dad. We were just in Detroit this weekend for my grandfather’s 86th birthday and we have a friend’s wedding scheduled for this weekend. I was going to forego the games for the wedding but my wife convinced me otherwise and she’ll be attending the wedding for a mutual friend solo. I do know what a ‘jerk’ move it is to RSVP for the wedding and then not attend so I suppose I’ll have to throw some extra cash into the card but in the grand scheme of things I don’t really see my presence in a wedding of 150+ people being that integral. Thanks again G for properly re-aligning my priorities. Go Tigers!

Photo of the Day – LoC Ceiling

The ceiling of the Library of Congress in Washington DC is one of the most ornate that I’ve ever seen. I enjoyed it so much that I had to run out to the middle of the floor – clear some space – set my camera to face straight up and then ask other tourists to please not walk into the frame for one minute as I shot an HDR of the roof. People probably thought I was crazy (which I might be) as the camera fired off three shots of the ceiling so I could blend them together later in Photoshop.


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