Honest Abe

The movie “Lincoln” looks pretty sweet – I haven’t been to the movies since Toy Story 3 (3-D) but I may have to break my two or three year streak for this one.

In Washington DC I woke up early for sunrise and went straight for the Lincoln memorial. Unfortunately, there was a lot of construction and the reflection pool in front of the monument was empty and under work so I had to improvise my shot. I got up close and personal with our 16th president. There were two security guards on duty but neither of them gave me any problems with my usage of a tripod (I read online that tripods were not allowed) but I think it’s probably because it was just me and the President so why be a hard ass when no one else is around….fortunately, they were nice about things and looked the other way. This allowed me to set up for some HDRs and this was one of the shots. I wanted to pull the whole monument in while getting the quote on the wall. It really is an experience being there and while I was there as a 14 year old for a school trip I can’t say my recollection is that great of the moment. However, that’s the great thing with photography – this moment in time – a brief twenty seconds of my life – will be something I’ll never forget. This is really helpful to me as someone who forgets everything!

Photo of the Day – Portrait of a President


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