Sweet Dreams

A long drive to Detroit today/tonight for game three of the World Series tomorrow. It usually isn’t as long as it was tonight and I even left work early (at 2 PM) to beat Chicago traffic. Unfortunately, I got caught up in what presume was a pretty nasty accident. I was stuck on the freeway for nearly an hour – in park – and surprisingly (for me) was not very frustrated. I’ve been striving to be more patient and I certainly was tonight. I appreciated the fact that I was lucky enough to not be the unfortunate person (or persons) that was in the accident. While this may seem “shallow” to some people for whom patience comes naturally this is a very big deal for me since I would normally be cursing and punching the steering wheel as my blood pressure reached stroke like levels. As Bill Murray said in ‘What About Bob’….”Baby Steps”.

Photo of the Day – Dream Lake Reflections

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While the Tigers are down 2-0 after the first two games in San Francisco I’m still holding out hope that they can take care of business (at least twice in Detroit) and take the series back to Detroit. I’m heading to bed shortly and will be dreaming of a multi-homer game from Prince Fielder (Cabrera of course on base in front of him).

This photo is of Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was around 9 AM in the morning so the lighting isn’t great but I watched the sunrise over Bear Lake so I wasn’t able to be in two places and catch it here as well. I’ll get the reflection here one time as this is by FAR my favorite place in what is quickly becoming my ‘home’ national park. Luckily, I have a client in Denver that meets quarterly and I make sure to book a day before or after to take photos in RMNP.


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