Do or Die

I was in Detroit for game three of the World Series last night and as a life long Tigers fan it was my second world series game (game 4 of 2006 and game 3 of 2012). Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see them win a game in the World Series. I’m back in Chicago this evening watching the do or die game on TV and hoping we can make a series out of it and send it back to San Francisco. Whatever happens tonight I’m still happy with the year they’ve had. While they did underperform for most of the year they made it to the world series and have given me a lot to cheer for.

Photo of the Day – Attack on Comerica Park

It was jammed downtown last night and while the outcome wasn’t as expected I had a great night with my Dad and brother-in-laws. The memories created last night will last with me for my entire lifetime. My old baseball coach (and die hard Tiger fan) was also there rooting them on as always. Let’s hope they can pull out a win tonight and give everyone in Detroit a reason to keep on cheering.


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