$2 billion reasons to be disgusted

As I sit here typing this post I’m experiencing the constant barrage of the final election push with political ad after political ad after political ad. It’s really quite disgusting and I only have to deal with Illinois politics – mainly those candidates running for congress. The ads are nasty – never mentioning what they will do for us but rather pointing out flaws in the other candidate. Dirt uncovered on people through investigating and ‘spinning’ a story any which way that best suits them. Fortunately, I don’t live in a state where I get bombarded by presidential ads because that has to be so much worse. An article came out last week that noted this campaign is on pace to being the most expensive campaign in election history. With over $2 billion raised and most of that spent on advertising for the candidates I really can’t help think that if individuals, rich and poor, were as willing to donate to charitable causes as they were to the politicians that the world would be a better place. This particular article describes ‘small’ donations as $200 or less. According to the article over 3 million individuals donated $200 or less to the campaign. I can’t help but think these are the same people who would never think to donate a dollar to any of the most helpful charities like the Northern Illinois Food Bank, Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society, American Red Cross or one of my favorites Open Heart Magic. It really makes me sick to see those ads and think about all of the wasted dollars on smear campaigns. Call me a disillusioned voter but it seems to me that politicians, the President or otherwise, never does whatever the hell they say they are going to do anyways. Each time I see a political ad I get nauseous because the world could use those dollars so much more and be so much more efficient with them to better us all. Instead I know that Mark Rich is possibly sheltering money (e-Trade baby shocked face), Joe Walsh is a ‘deadbeat dad’ (ghast) and Tammy Duckworth misreported taxpayer money (Get out of here?!)….thanks Chicago TV I feel so much more informed this evening while abused animals still suffer, people can’t afford food and sick kids are lying in hospital beds.

Photo of the Day – Manhattan Beach Pier Surfers

I was trying to catch one of these guys on a wave but the ocean wasn’t cooperating and they never did get anything good to ride on. The sunset was beautiful though and made up for my waiting. I headed back to my car just before the sun finally set. I was lucky I did because my meter was up and the cop was just pulling into the parking lot to issue tickets. I hopped in my car and got out of there before he had time to write me up.

I for one can’t wait for the sun to set on the election and next Tuesday can’t come fast enough although I’m sure the attack ads will still run for another week or so past the election as they always do.


5 thoughts on “$2 billion reasons to be disgusted

  1. Justin, very strong feelings shared in this post. Cant say that I disagree with you. I have felt the same way over the years, and as I age, I have come to the stance that none of these so called leaders will ever do what they promise, so when it comes time to vote, I choose the lesser of two evils. Having experienced great losses over the last 4 years in both my personal and business life , It becomes clear to me which way I will cast my vote. Keep your current stance, it will help you make the right choices…. RESPECT YOUR VIEWPOINT!!!!

    • Thanks Michael for the thoughtful response. I don’t consider myself ‘political’ but just snapped last night after hearing four/five ads back to back. I googled – cost of elections and was directed to that article with the astronomical sum and I was floored! I agree with you – the lesser of two evils. Politicians simply say what they think you want to hear. They lie right to your face and have no remorse doing so. It’s really too bad that our political system has taken this nasty turn – the one thing I’m all for is political reform. First and foremost removing all the negative smear campaigns. Thanks again for your thoughtful comments and for sharing your feelings on the topic.

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