Stormy Church

This church looked pretty spooky and I thought it’d make a decent picture for Halloween. I didn’t dress up and we have no kids so we didn’t trick or treat. My office does a ‘kids’ halloween the Friday before so we did have trick or treaters through the office last Friday. It’s fun to see the kids all dressed up – I remember being a kid and getting bags full of candy. Inevitably I’d save mine until December when other kids ran out and then I’d sell my candy at school – maybe that’s when I realized I was interested in business. Supply and Demand at its finest. I actually got suspended one year because I was buying bulk sour gumballs (I think they were called Crybabies) for $0.03 and selling them at school for a quarter. I think I was in third grade and with 100 gumballs in a bucket I was cleaning up at $22/bucket. It was a huge thrill – it didn’t last long though and the reselling of candy was banned from school. My dad was told by the principal to make sure to punish me but his reaction was anything but a punishment. We went to lunch and he just told me I couldn’t do it again but with that fatherly wink/head nod…I knew he was proud. Proud of the fact that I’d be okay in the world because I’d find some way to make money – even if it was selling gumballs for a minimal markup – I’d find a way. Here I am 20+ years later and I’m not selling gumballs but the world of business has treated me fairly well. Allowing me to travel across the country to see clients and develop a passion for photography while on the way. As Sammy Sosa would say ‘business (baseball) has been berry berry good to me’.

Photo of the Day – Illuminated Church

I was in Denver taking pictures of buildings in the downtown area. I was hoping to catch the sunset but the weather wasn’t cooperating – clouds and occasional rain with thunder and lightning put a damper on that idea fairly quick. Unfortunately, my trips out there only last for a single night so I wasn’t able to be there the next night when the sunset looked amazing (from my plane as it pulled away from the gate to head back to Chicago)!

I set my camera up on its tripod and tried to take some long exposure pictures. I think my next purchase will be a 10x ND filter that is supposed to block out light to the point you can take ‘properly’ exposed pictures for two/three minutes where the subject (like this church) will be in perfect focus while the movement of the clouds is much more emphasized. This was a ten second exposure and I was lucky to get it. The lights inside the church went off in the twenty seconds I spent recomposing for the next shot. I composed and went to press the shutter and thought something looks different – I went back to the picture before and realized the lights had been turned off. The church’s stained glass didn’t look nearly as good without the illumination from the internal lights.


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