Desolate and Disappointing

I went to our local liquor store this afternoon – Binny’s to find my favorite Christmas beer. I suspected that it was recently released but I wasn’t sure so I popped into the store and looked around amongst the cases and cases of beer. Binny’s stocks all the micro-brew and large scale beers so if they brew it chances are they have it and if they don’t they can get it for you or point you in the right direction. Amidst the cases I found a number of other Christmas beer but not Great Lakes Christmas Ale. Disappointed I continued to search among the beers but finally broke down and asked one of the employees. Sold Out. They received a shipment on Saturday and it was gone within hours – they don’t think they will get any more until December. I’ll continue to search high and low but the Lama household is a desolate one without our Christmas cheer.

Photo of the Day – A forest in the desert

Joshua Tree National Park is technically a desert I think and since I was there in October it was pretty desolate as well. Outside of a couple of campers I bumped into while out taking pictures I didn’t see a single person in the park during my two days there. A dramatic difference from the Grand Canyon where no matter how much you walked it seemed there were others around the corner waiting for you to join them.

On my hike in the morning I spent some time walking among the ‘forest’ of Joshua Trees. It’s hard to show a big clump of them because they don’t really grow close together but trust me there were a lot of ‘trees’. I set my camera up to catch the sun peeking out from behind to display a mini-star burst.


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