Alien Landing

Do aliens exist? I don’t know – I assume they do. They have to right? They may not be ‘aliens’ like we think of aliens with huge green heads but rather they may look like us. Now before you think jeez this guy has lost his marbles hear me out a bit. There is a whole universe out there – we don’t know where it ends nor what is out at the other far edge of it. Are we that conceited as a species to think that there is nothing, absolutely nothing of intelligent life anywhere else out there? I don’t have any scientific proof and I haven’t been probed recently by any aliens but in my humble opinion they are out there, somewhere. I doubt they’ve tried to or have ‘made contact’ because like us they probably think they are the only ones out there.

Photo of the Day – Landing Strip to the Extra-Terrestrials

I was in Arizona for work and G was coming out to meet me to head to the Grand Canyon for a few days. I thought that I’d be able to get her onto an earlier flight but apparently my status doesn’t really mean anything when trying to negotiate benefits for others…they just budge. As a result I had a few extra hours to kill – plus her flight subsequently was delayed a few hours – so I headed out and rented a car from Enterprise and drove over to Camelback Mountain on the outskirts of Phoenix. It’s a ‘city hike’ which for people in Phoenix means it is easy. In fact, there were a lot of people running it. However, for someone less practiced in hiking walking 1.1 miles up an elevation change of nearly 1,000 feet is no joke. My legs were burning and I had a to stop and rest a few times on the way up….I know PATHETIC. However, I did make it up for sunset and I got a couple of shots of the Phoenix rush hour traffic on their way home from work combined with the orange of the sky. As a city guy I also never get to see cactus and let me tell you I was absolutely shocked. I never knew that cacti grew so big! I always thought the little cacti plants that we see in the Midwest is what I’d encounter in the ‘wild’. Boy was I wrong – alot of theme were over ten feet tall – dwarfing me (well most things dwarf me but that’s neither here nor there).

I stayed up on Camelback well past sunset waiting on someone else to start their decent because I didn’t want to do it my own since I didn’t really want to walk off the trail and it was pitch black with the exception of the city lights as there was no moon that night either. Eventually, a couple started their decent and I creeped behind them – hopefully they didn’t mind. I wasn’t stalking them but just letting them lead the way. I paused a few times to give them some space but always kept them within sight so I didn’t lose the trail on the way down.


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