Bright Spot

Dinner at the Publican tonight and it was great. Alot of good beer and conversation with good friends. The atmosphere was very European. We were paired up with people for pre-dinner drinks before we actually got to sit down and then we were seated at communal tables for dinner. Most Americans would have an issue with this setting I think if they haven’t been abroad where this sort of setup is common. We definitely ate and drank too much which will make tomorrow a long day but it was worth it just for the company. Therefore, no matter how I feel in the morning I’ll try to keep that bright spot in the back of my mind.

Photo of the Day – Farmer’s sunrise

A morning in Rochester, Minnesota. I drove over to the countryside to get some pictures of an abandoned farm and the windmills in the area. Fortunately, no one ever showed up to kick me out but I’m sure I was ‘technically’ trespassing just not in front of an area they police very actively. With all that land I doubt they have the ability to watch for people as much as they want.


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