Is the Earth flat or round?

Okay, it’s a rhetorical question now but historically it wasn’t the case. I’m no historian but the little I know tells me that it was at least around in 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue and some of his crew thought they’d fall off the face of the earth. Later, Magellan made it all the way around the Earth essentially ‘proving’ what many at the time thought that the earth was in fact round. However, up until that point I’m sure there were still doubters. That’s how I see this whole ‘global warming’ argument and people who want to make a 60 degree November day in Chicago the cusp of their argument of ‘proof’ that global warming is true? I wonder if these people don’t have access to computers to see that in the 1950s it reached over 80 degrees on a balmy summer like day in November. The following year in that same month of November Chicago got 8 – 9 inches of snow on that same date. I don’t know if global warming is true but I know there are ‘facts’ on both sides and depending on whether you believe or not you will sway the facts to your side to ‘prove’ your case. That’s what you do in a debate of course, discount the other side but it doesn’t make it any less annoying for me the outside reader or viewer. The world we live in is constantly evolving – as far as what little I’ve read on the topic we’ve been through numerous ice ages and catastrophic volcanic eruptions and periods of intense heat. I’m 99% sure those times were all before we were poking holes in the ozone layer. So I guess you can chalk me up to a non-believer. I don’t have any science behind it and sure I’m probably naive and I don’t see what is plain as day to all those pounding the table for global warming but I do know the planet knows how to evolve and like everything else we’ve been through I think we will make it out of this just fine.

Photo of the Day – Warped Chicago


5 thoughts on “Is the Earth flat or round?

  1. I’m a strong believer in global warming – it’s so noticeable – before we could be out in the sun for hours and hours without being burned – now only a couple of hours. We have more or less a green winter too – the seasons are melting into each other. Of course has there been very hot temperatures trough history, also the ocean levels has increased and the glaciers are melting away fare too quickly.
    I believe in global warning. Great photo – from my favorite city. Was in Chicago in July when it was oven hot … hope that isn’t going to be a norm, because I’m coming back in July next year – hopefully, but I don’t want that heat.

    • Thanks Viveka for your thoughtful response. I appreciate that you are a believer in global warming and I think we are all entitled to our own opinions. Like I said I don’t know the science behind it but one day I’m sure we will all know the truth (like with the world being round). I just probably won’t be around to find out if it is or isn’t.

      Glad you enjoy the photo – I was disappointed the sunrise wasn’t great so the skies are a little overcast but all things considered it looks exactly like I hoped it would with the distortion.

      • I think that science has proven a lot the last years – I’m strongly believer – don’t believe on much else, but here I’m convinced, but as you said – we are all happy with our own believes. *smile
        And there has been big top leader meetings about the globe warming !!!

        Your photos from your city are FAB – have been checking them out.

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