Magical Mornings

Sunrises are so peaceful – they take some work and a lack of sleep sometimes but its worth it to be out and experience the quiet and peaceful world before others have rolled out of bed. Alot of people are out and about at sunset so it isn’t that same feel. The call of bull elks in the distance, the occasional fish jumping out of the water and ultimately the colorful skies that make for some interesting photographs. Some people swear by sunset but for the solitary atmosphere I’ll take sunrise everytime….of course it means I have to skip out on some extra beers and hit the sack early but I’ll live with it.

Photo of the Day – Bear Lake Magic

I haven’t been able to catch an episode of this yet but I saw an ad for an HBO documentary that looks extremely interesting – it’s called “Witness” and it follows photographers taking pictures in war torn or conflict areas across the globe. Just the preview clip looks pretty intense.


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