Wouldn’t it be nice

I cycle in and out of phases with music – most of the time it isn’t huge swings in style but mainly from ‘classics’ like Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys to more modern day music by Mumford and Sons, the Lumineers and Kings of Leon. However, whenever I’m on my way to California I always listen to the Beach Boys and whenever we go down south to Florida I always listen to Jimmy Buffett. It seems some music just ‘fits’ with certain atmospheres – the Beach Boys and California is what matches in my mind.

Photo of the Day – Under the Pier and Dreaming

I stayed in Santa Monica because my meeting wasn’t until around noon and I knew that driving back into downtown LA wouldn’t be bad with traffic (relatively) at that time of the day. I took advantage of that proximity to the beach by getting a lot of beach shots. I think I may stay downtown the next time though and check out more of the sites – I’ve heard cool things about the train station and also have been able to find some decent viewing points of the city thanks to fellow blogger Rommel who has a bunch of recommendations for catching the LA Skyline.


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