Fighting Irish

Who knew when we planned a little family vacation earlier this year that we’d be going to the game where Notre Dame claimed their first BCS number ranking in a long time (ever?). Now, I’m not a huge ND fan but it’s centrally located to a big part of our family and we are all able to get there with a few hours of driving. As a kid we’d head down to game every couple years and the campus is still a really magical place. It was good to go now that I’m older so that I could actually appreciate some of the traditions I didn’t necessarily fully understand as a kid.

Photo of the Day – Touchdown Jesus

Touchdown Jesus was busy last night as the Irish scored 38 points on five touchdowns – most in the first half. We watched the Wake Forest players come off of the buses and enter the stadium and even then we had a feeling it was going to be a long day. I’m a little guy (5’7″. 175 pounds) and therefore football players usually overwhelm me with how massively large they are. The WF team didn’t do that – for the most part they were on the small side and knowing there record was 5-5 I knew they were in for a long day. My little second cousins were happy with the blow out because they got to cheer alot and because it was senior day I suppose I was happy too because the senior football players were able to leave the field mid-game to a gigantic standing ovation. I can’t imagine the chills that go down your spine when you have 79,000 people standing and chanting your name.


3 thoughts on “Fighting Irish

    • Thanks Viveka – sorry I guess I assume that EVERYONE knows Touchdown Jesus but of course if you don’t follow college football in the US you probably would have no idea so I’ll edit my post to provide a link to provide some more information on the building. This is the library at the University of Notre Dame – a Catholic college in South Bend, Indiana. They have one of the most storied college football teams in the history of college athletics. The mural is called Touchdown Jesus because it faces their football stadium and when you sit in the seats in one of the end zones you can see the mural clearly in the distance. In the US when a team scores a Touchdown the referees raise both their arms in the air in a similar pose to signify the person scored a touchdown….hence the name Touchdown Jesus.

      • Thanks for explaining to me – such a beautiful mural and your photo are so great from it too.
        No, it wouldn’t have any meaning to me .. about the football. Even if I like American football more than I do with European. Wonderful world and amazing world we live in – and internet has made it possible to share it. What a generation I live in. You’re welcome to walk with me through Stockholm – in my post of Friday and today. I know you will love Stockholm, built on 14 island – more water than Chicago even.

        Thanks a million for – sharing this with me.

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