Redrum, Redrum

The Stanley Hotel is haunted that is obvious just from the stories and the constant tours given to ghost seekers. The third floor where I stayed during my visit is supposedly haunted with children as was displayed during the book and movie ‘The Shining’ when the Twin girls (Grady Twins) keep making appearances in the mind of the Danny, the child who is impacted by the shining. When I woke up in the middle of the night and ventured out in the hallway to take pictures I didn’t expect to see anything abnormal because I don’t believe in ghosts but at the end of the hallway I thought I may have spotted the twins. I freaked out a little bit but had enough mind to snap the photo…If you click on the picture and view it in large format you can see something odd at the end of the hallway…it was very eerie.

Photo of the Day – Ghosts in the Hall

Okay so I didn’t actually see anything creepy and I just went and found a movie still from the Movie ‘The Shining’ and cut/pasted the Grady Twins at the end of the hallway. I was able to blend in a little bit of the background to make them partially transparent and almost ‘ghost’ like. The clear giveaway that it is an absolute hack job is that their feet and lower legs are missing. I wasn’t able to find a frame online that was of decent quality to cut the full body shot of the twins from. I figure most people aren’t going to click on the image anyways and view it large but if you do I just wanted to throw that out there in full disclosure.

Most of the images I post up here are legit photographs with only minor manipulations. A little sharpening and color correction maybe but rarely any sort of ‘trickery’. I would probably do it more if I was good with PhotoShop but I’m barely proficient and really only know the basics. I’m trying to get better but still a hack certainly.


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