Luck of the Irish – Congrats on a great season

A real comeback season for Notre Dame this year – starting off unranked and playing in Dublin, Ireland I woke up early the first Saturday of the season to catch that entire game. They weren’t that impressive but scratched out a win much as they have all year. Casually I’ve watched some of the games – wouldn’t consider myself to be a ‘fan’ per se and I don’t want to make it sound like I’m jumping on the bandwagon but I am very impressed with the season they’ve put together. Call it luck, call it an ‘easy’ schedule (although pre-season their schedule was projected as the hardest in the season) or call a few favorable calls going the Irish way (I remember a few in the Pitt triple OT game) but it’s still a hard thing to go undefeated in big time college football.

Photo of the Day – Here Come the Irish

Last weekend we went to the game and I walked the campus in the early morning and saw this banner hung outside a dorm. I couldn’t get a clear shot of it so I positioned the tree to line up with the “I” in Irish as best I could in order to minimize the distraction from the rest of the sign. The Golden Dome is prominent in the upper left hand corner. No matter what you think of Notre Dame (as the school and football program is quite polarizing) I challenge anyone to go take a walk through the campus and soak in the history and not fall in love with it.


2 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish – Congrats on a great season

    • I’m hoping they beat the SEC team (and this year they actually may have a chance) but the SEC is so dang tough that it will be a challenge. This is the first time in many years though I actually think other conferences can play with SEC teams.

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