I hate hackers….I know there are alot of people that still shred their mail and worry about their information being stolen that way but the real issues are electronically. Sat down to my computer this evening to find that I had about 8 different transactions this evening via paypal all to the same person in the approximate same amount but of course I never made any of those transactions. Hopefully we will get this sorted out this week. This instance is such a bigger threat than someone dumpster diving and pulling my credit card number that way IMO.

Photo of the Day – Jackson Square

We just got back from Detroit and have two more trips planned this month. We will be in Seattle for around a week – partially for work and partially for pleasure and then will be in New Orleans/New Iberia with my wife’s family over Christmas. Looking forward to both trips.


2 thoughts on “Hacked!

    • Thank you so much! I am starting to experiment a bit more with Black and White. It’s never been a photo style I’ve really liked but for some images that I find mundane in color (because of the time of day) I like in B&W because compositional they work.

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