If money didn’t matter….and it might not

With the Powerball drawing tomorrow night (dang I didn’t buy my tickets today – the lines are going to suck tomorrow) money may not matter to someone come a month from now when they step forward to claim the prize. I usually don’t play until the jackpots get up there because the odds of winning are less than that of the payout (as if winning $50 million would be ALL that bad) but ultimately the lotto is a losing game for most so why throw your money after it unless the payoff is HUGE – like it is this week at half a billion dollars.

Photo of the Day – Round the World in Eighty Days

If money didn’t matter I’d quit my job and travel. I have no doubt about it. I’d spend time volunteering as well just because it would drive me crazy but I wouldn’t sit around and waste it on lavish cars and houses. Sure I’d buy nicer things but the majority of those funds would feed my addiction of traveling and experiencing things I read and dreamed about as a child. Isn’t that what we all want out of life is to do what makes us happy? It’s just that the damn money thing gets in the way. This article I read earlier makes a good point about doing what truly makes us happy.

‘Better to have a short life that is full of which (activities) you like doing then a long life spent in a miserable way’…he has a point!


3 thoughts on “If money didn’t matter….and it might not

  1. Great shot! Wouldn’t it be great to not need to worry about money. The thing I don’t get about the lottery is people wait until its 50 mil because 1 or 2 mil is not really worth it. Really?

    • Ha! I’m one of those people that do exactly that but I’m a math nerd and just play games when the odds are in my favor too. I hate casino gambling as well – outside of the penny slots you won’t find me doing much in a casino. Great job on your blog – loving all the Chicago photo ideas.

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