Catch of the Day

I stayed in Santa Monica for a recent client meeting and as always took advantage of the wonderful California ‘winter’ to take some photos of sunrise and sunset. The Santa Monica Pier is one of my favorite places in the LA area. I love all the activity in/around the area regardless of the time of day. For example, on this particular I saw roller skaters (yes, not roller blades but four wheel skates), nicotine/coffee starved dog walkers, beach boot campers, drunk homeless people and of course fisherman trying to pull some fresh fish out of the Pacific (also the occassional crazy bed headed photographer – side note: why do I ALWAYS forget baseball caps when I’m packing for a trip?! Always). It’s quite the collection but that’s why I love it – everyone is very relaxed (I mean look at this sunrise in November with 70 degree temps at 7 AM?!) and just goes about their business. It is very harmonious and zen like.

Photo of the Day – Sunrise over the Santa Monica Pier

I was walking the beach when I noticed the sun start to peak through. I must have lost track of time because I always check the Photographer’s Ephemeris app before I head out to take pictures. I had this particular shot in mind because I wanted to catch the sun peaking through the Ferris wheel with a clear shot of the coast leading off into the distance. Some clouds in the sky would have been nice but hey beggars can’t be choosers right!? As I prepare for my Seattle trip on Monday I thought I’d post some information this weekend about what steps I take before heading on vacation/photo trips. Only having a short time in a place means you need to do some research so I’ll walk through some of the critical steps I take to make sure I get some good shots.


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