Christmas Season

December first so I guess it is now Christmas season – a time for family and friends. We are kicking it off right today with some ice skating up at Wrigley Field and then Winterfest for dinner and drinks this evening.

Photo of the Day – Mierry Christmas Everyone

Christmas at the Mier house (yes I know how to spell Merry but my last name is Mier – pronounced close to Mirror and so my creative wife has started saying Mierry Christmas) as my parents always put up a great tree and overwhelm it with presents. This is a shot taken last year at my parents house on Christmas eve as you can see there are a lot of presents. I love Christmas time and I’m hoping for some December snow to get me in the mood. Unfortunately, the past two seasons we haven’t had any here in Chicago in December. The snow helps set the mood for me. Enjoy the season everyone – whether you celebrate Christmas or not make December a time for family and friends because that’s what it is all about.


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