Sleepless in Seattle

I’m off to Seattle for a week and while there will be some work (unfortunately) involved I plan on also taking some pictures if weather permits. It seems they (like always maybe?) are in the midst of a pretty severe rain storm that has been going on for the past week or so. The weather doesn’t look promising for the first few days but if there is a break in the weather I’m going to be out there taking some pictures.

Photo of the Day – Camelback Mountain Sunset

The sun was setting quickly but luckily there were others on the mountain which made me feel a little better being up there. In all honesty it isn’t much of a mountain but the rest of Phoenix is so flat so anything that is 1,000 feet of elevation change sticks out. It was a pretty strenuous hike to the top of it but the views from the top over the city with cacti in the foreground made me happy that I took advantage of the few hours I had to get out and sight see.


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