My favorite Subject

Cathedrals are one of my favorite things to take pictures of – it is weird because I am not overly religious and I’ll never be on here trying to do any sort of preaching. However, I have the utmost respect for religion and I have the fear of God in me at all times and think (for the most part) that I do try to act in a way that would be deemed acceptable even for the most pious people.

Photos of the Day – Unbelievable

Seeing the Notre Dame Cathedral for the first time is beyond words. There is no way to describe the amazement you feel when you walk in. Tripods are not allowed in the cathedral but I’ve read some photographers have been able to ‘get away with using them’. That is always the tricky part with shooting in cathedrals. I think the Gothic style architectural designs are amazingly beautiful but because the light levels are so low it is always very difficult to shoot the interiors.

This afternoon, I went to St. James Cathedral in Seattle to take some photos – the crowd was sparse as there wasn’t a service going on but a few people were scattered throughout praying. There were also a number of homeless people spread about escaping the rains that Seattle had throughout the day. I did my research and knew that others had shot (and been granted verbal permission) to use tripods inside the church but I was still really nervous about taking pictures with it. However, after being unsatisfied with my initial non-tripod results I did eventually cave and break it out. Of course, as I always do I made a donation to the church and I’d never dare use a tripod (or even take pictures) during a mass but I still felt a little uncomfortable standing behind my camera as it captured a thirty second exposure. Hopefully the results will turn out as well as I hoped and I’ll be able to help the church gain more visitors by promoting the beauty of the cathedral. It really is a nice place so if you are ever in Seattle please go pop in – they have side room/shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary that should be on the Seattle top ten tourist list.


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