A Damn Shame

I know…I cursed. I put a quarter in the swear jar so I’m good with it but it really is a shame. Today’s image is a photo of the Detroit Central Station. Detroit – close to my hometown – had a shot at one point in time to be a world class city. Looking at buildings like this prove that others thought they had that shot too. This train station was nearly identical to the train station in Chicago. I’m not sure either is as pristine as that in New York City or those in Europe where train travel isn’t viewed as being ‘second tier’ but by all accounts it was an amazing structure.

Photo of the Day – And All That Could Have Been

When I was home for Thanksgiving my Dad drove me downtown to take some photos of buildings in Detroit – we were short on time and it was the day after turkey day so there wasn’t a ton open but we were able to spend as much time as we wanted with this gem. You can’t clearly make out the barbed wire fence in this image but it’s there. As you can see in the foreground there is an overgrowth of weeds in front of the building. The wind was clearly blowing hard that morning and with the flag blowing and ‘amber waves of grain’ in the foreground I couldn’t help thinking of the National Anthem. In many respects Detroit is that – it represents that American Dream that we all have. Sure you may get knocked down and beat up but if you keep getting up and you keep working hard good things will happen to you.

Maybe this is a stretch (I’m not a writer so deal with my logic here) but they gave it a shot and they failed – they clearly did some things wrong and the city and their residents have suffered because of that. However, the city is going through a rebirth of some sort. Industries are returning, albeit slowly, to the city and young people are moving to the downtown area to participate in that rebirth. In fact, a couple of my former classmates have purchased houses or condos in the city recently. Growing up buying property in Detroit was something no one I knew would actually consider but now it is almost considered trendy. I for one hope they make it all the way back – we deserve a feel good story.


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