One Year Ago – Bright, warm California sun

I took this picture from sunny California a year ago today – what a difference a year makes. Today, between being in Seattle since last Sunday and Chicago today I haven’t seen the sun in a week so I needed a little sunset picture to remind me that it does actually exist even if we don’t see it much (or at all) during the winter. I don’t mind winter but it is during these grey periods that I understand why people want to move to the west coast or Florida. In ten days, I’ll be off to Louisiana though for Christmas so I’ve only got to make it a little longer until hopefully it becomes a daily occurrence again at least for a short while.

Photo of the Day – Fire in the Sky

A couple quick links/stories from this week about Photography that I enjoyed:

Snapseed for iPhone and Android is now free – Snapseed is the best software I’ve ever used for the iPad and I’ve tried alot of them. It uses Nik Software’s technology and was voted App of the Year a few years back. Google recently purchased Nik Software and now Google has made the app free. While I paid five bucks for it a few years back I’m not even mad about it. Graduate from instagram and move over to Snapseed – your pictures will be much improved as a result. I’ve even used it to perform functions that will take me longer in Photoshop.

Basic Tips for Snow and Winter photography – want to avoid that grey look in all your winter photos – check out some quick tips to help out


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