Picture Perfect

Hanging off the ledge at the Grand Canyon – my wife is quite the dare devil!

Photo of the Day – Memories

As I continue on this journey of photography I can’t help but look back on a year’s worth of travel and be grateful for the experiences that I’ve had throughout the year. Among other vacations we spent two weeks in Punta Cana, a week in the Grand Canyon, a week in New Orleans and a week in Seattle. In between those trips were several other work trips leveraged into longer vacations – Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Rocky Mountain National Park, Joshua Tree National Park and of course home sweet home in Dearborn, Michigan. Life’s been pretty busy but through it all I’ve been trying to take as many pictures as I can. As someone who suffers from (self-diagnosed) ADD and doesn’t remember things all that clearly the photos give me an opportunity to relive that moment – recall the smells, the sounds, the temperatures, etc…

It’s been a great year and we still have a wonderful week in Louisiana planned for 2012. I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit in early 2013 but at the same time I know come early February I’ll be ready to get cranking out some frequent flier miles again.


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