A Little Faith

I was fortunate enough to be sheltered today from much of the news as it unfolded. I won’t wax on eloquently about the violence or denounce gun laws (people kill people IMO but still don’t know why someone needs to legally purchase body armor and automatic rifles) or anything like that because its already others by this point have said it better than I can. What gets to me is just how did we get this way as a society? How did this become ‘acceptable’ behavior? Not ‘acceptable’ in the form that it is right but that psychos feel the need to do these deeds and take others with them – and kids no less. If you are so unhappy and miserable just do yourself – don’t go out in a blaze of glory. Yes, there have always been psychos and similar incidents have occurred in the past. I read information posted earlier on Facebook about a 1927 school massacre in Bath Township, Michigan so I understand that it isn’t just people today and even in ‘simpler’ times sick stuff like this happened. However, it seems each individual just tries to outdo the other. There is something creeping through our society that seems to be evil – it is not one thing but its a combination of things – sensationalized media coverage (News networks will spend the next two weeks trying to outrate each other by ‘breaking’ news stories on this kid and psychoanalyzing him to ‘learn’ how to stop the next one), a lack of discipline, overpraising, overmedicating, video games becoming more and more violent, the ‘cost’ of life being greatly diminished, the loss of faith in a higher power, etc….the list goes on and on.

I am a Catholic, I believe in God and I am scared of going to Hell. I believe I’ll pay for all of my sins in the afterlife and that causes me to do my best everyday to avoid that. Now I’m not an extremist or anything trying to push religion – believe in Allah, Buddha or whoever – but just believe that what you do on this earth has lasting impacts on your afterlife. If more people believed that I have to think they’d rethink something like this? The other thing that troubles me is the constant media coverage this guy will get in the next few weeks – we are giving him just what he wants by making him famous. We will remember his name when we talk about this thirteen years from now like we do with Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris (and no I did not need to Google that) and give him exactly what he wants. I don’t know the answers – no people, society really seems to be on a downward spiral and its sickening to watch. Thanks to all the teachers today who did such an amazing job protecting their students…they should be the ones getting two weeks of news coverage not some jag bag child murderer.

Photo of the Day – Bend the Knee

We were in the Grand Canyon and looking at the cloud formations I made out a formation that to me looked like someone dropping to their knee and praying. The fact that the sun was setting behind the clouds and sunbursts were coming out of the top and the bottom added to the look of a ‘higher power’ IMO. I zoomed in and took the shot not knowing if I’d ever process it because I wasn’t sure if it would turn out. As soon as I sat at my computer this evening I knew this was the image I wanted to post tonight.


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