Making the Best of Every Situation

We were in Seattle on yet another cold, rainy morning. We walked over to the pier to take a ride on the newly installed and operating ferris wheel. We walked onto the grey pier that appeared even more somber because of the constant drizzling rain that was falling on us. I noticed the colorful leaves floating in the water and thought it made a nice contrast with the grey that was all around us. Fortunately, we were also in a position to capture the reflection of the ferris wheel. I pulled out the camera and aimed down at the pier – there were a few other tourists who certainly looked at me funny wondering why in the world I’d be taking a picture of a random puddle but after I processed this photo I knew I had a shot that was worthwhile.

Photo of the Day – The Color Wheel

This is my current ‘lock screen’ for my iPhone – I love the color contrast because it appears like some sort of selective color technique but it isn’t at all. The color was truly this grey with the leaves popping all around it. I did bump the reds up slightly but not to the point where I felt it embellished what I saw with my naked eye.


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