The approaching new year and life in general

The New Year is closing in upon us and with each new year we have a clean chance to start anew. I’m looking forward to 2013 and hope to have the opportunity to continue to travel the country as much as I did in 2012. Thinking back on 2012 we really did seem to go all over the country – from Seattle, Washington to Destin, Florida. We also were fortunate to take a couple weeks in the tropical paradise of Punta Cana. The travel schedule made times hectic but I like that aspect of life. A quote from the current book I’m reading – Aleph by Paulo Coelho states ‘To live is to experience things, not sit around pondering the meaning of life’ – really succinctly summarizes the way I feel about my life right now.

I’m already packing the calendar for 2013 with trips to Denver (Garden of the Gods, Rocky Mountain National Park), Calgary (Banff!!!), Nashville (and the Great Smokey Mountains) and possibly a drive from LA to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park and Yosemite. While those trips (and many others) will cause me to spend some extra hours in the office when back in Chicago but they will be well worth it!

Photo of the Day – Crescendo

In Rocky Mountain National Park back in August I spent the morning in the Bear Lake area hiking and taking some sunrise shots. While this is about an hour or so after sunrise the reflections over a fairly calm lake were still pretty striking. I positioned the rock in the foreground to ‘fit’ as best I could into the little gap in the reflection between the two mountains in the distance.


5 thoughts on “The approaching new year and life in general

  1. Reblogged this on C. Samantha S. and commented:
    The precise detail in the water is beautiful. Also the cylindrical “ness” that it has helps lead throughout the whole image and creates an interesting horizon line.

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