Heading Home

After a lot of Planes, Trains and Automobiles I’ll make it back to Chicago this evening. A few weeks on the road for the holidays spent with friends and family. Here on the eve of New Year’s Eve I’m looking forward to a few days ‘off’ even though I will be heading into the office tomorrow. The next few weeks as well should be laid back as we don’t have any plans on being out of Chicago until early February. Looking forward to the time spent at home recharging my batteries and working on some upgrades to the website. Keep checking for changes but I have some ideas of grandeur (that will probably not get done until late 2013 because work gets in the way – damn that day job!) but just getting the ball rolling will alleviate some of my mental stress.

Photo of the Day – Detail on the Notre Dame Cathedral

There are some things that words can’t describe and the Notre Dame Cathedral is one of them. No matter how much I’d try to describe it I couldn’t – the pictures do it so much better. This is the main facade of the front of the cathedral. The detail in the figures is amazing considering it is all stone and has lasted for over 800 years.


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