Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

This is part of the Immigration Memorial statue on the waterfront in New Orleans. The sunset was perfect that day but I didn’t have my tripod (Doh!) so I had to fire off some shots handheld. Initially, I was going to try and HDR the scene but as you all know doing handheld HDR in poor lighting is very difficult because of how steady the camera has to be. Instead I decided to expose for the sky and leave a silhouette of the statue outlined against the background. I lightened the statue a tad in Lightroom but otherwise did very little to the photo.

Photo of the Day – Guiding the way

Like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer guiding through a blizzard I’m sure there is someone who will guide you in the afterlife. We always hear about the ‘light’ to the afterlife – maybe that is the star – following it to the next phase of our journey. ‘Life is the train, not the station…’ Today we celebrate the life of my grandfather who will be following that star to heaven.


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