Hitting the Pause button on Life

I like how photography allows us to hit the pause button on life – to freeze a specific moment in time to be remembered always. Yesterday that became abundantly clear as we looked through family photos and pictures of my grandfather. Some pictures I had never seen like him on his Navy boat heading off to World War II or pictures from him and my Nana’s wedding. Just snapping that shutter freezes the moment just as you saw it and it will never be like that again – it may be similar but that exact moment will never exist again.

Photo of the Day – Santa Monica Morning

Every time I go to LA on business I try to stay near the ocean so that I can wake up early and take some pictures along the beach before it gets too busy. Often there are a handful of other people – fishing, working out or walking their dogs – but for the most part it is calm and peaceful. The smell and sound of the ocean is fresh as it welcomes in a new day – it certainly puts me in a good mood before I have to go spend the day in meetings.

I took this shot on my last trip to LA. I woke up pre-dawn and walked down to the Santa Monica Pier. There were a few people running along the seashore – I think it may have been a beach bootcamp class. Their were some tractors out combing the beach as well making sure it would be well manicured when the beach goers came out later that afternoon. I liked the way empty lifeguard stand seemed to lead the eye out to the pier.


2 thoughts on “Hitting the Pause button on Life

  1. What I love about your blog/photos is that you really capture the essence of it all, and your descriptions provide the feeling that one is there.

    • Thanks Erika – so glad you get that feeling because that captures the essence of what I’m trying to do each day when I post a photo. Thanks again for the boost of confidence!

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