Wake up the Echoes – Saying a Little Prayer at the Grotto

Right now I bet the Grotto on the Campus of Notre Dame University is packed right now with students not lucky enough to secure tickets saying a last minute prayer for the Irish. As we head to kickoff I think we will get a relatively low scoring game (as most have predicted) and I’m hopeful that Notre Dame can pull it out. I am not necessarily hopping on the bandwagon per se just want to see the Irish take out the mighty SEC. Either way I just hope we get a good game.

Photo of the Day – On my Knees at the Grotto

I positioned the camera along the railing at a similar height to where most people (I’m short so I raised the camera a bit) would wind up if they knelt on the provided kneelers to say a prayer. Shortly, after I set up this shot one of the administrators came by and blew out all the candles. As this was the morning of a gameday they wanted the fans to come and light more candles thoughout the day. When I passed by later on my way back to the car there was a large crowd of pre-game folks walking by, lighting candles and saying a prayer for the Irish. It must have worked because they got themselves into the National Championship.


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