Inspiration Just Ahead – Seven Ideas for Photographers’ New Years Resolutions

I follow the Photofocus blog written by professional photographer Scott Bourne quite a bit and he published a list of ideas yesterday that was meant to provide a list of tasks for Photographers’ new years resolutions in 2013.

1) Set Goals – This is key to really any resolution – be it personally or via photography. Without goals you won’t be able to plan out what you want to do so get some goals down on paper and make a roadmap for how you plan to get there. It can be as simple as take 1,000 pictures this year or double the number of views/followers/etc… on your website. Whatever it is though it should be concrete and measurable – otherwise you won’t be able to track your progress.

2) Try to get your photos published – this is one of my resolutions for the year. I’m going to enter more competitions and also work through more websites (Google+, 500px, HDRspotting, etc…) to try and get my stuff out there for more eyes to see

3) Build (upgrade) your website – Again one of my goals for 2013. I have quite a few ideas for how I want the site to look and I’m reading WordPress for Photographers to try and improve my little old blog.

4) Go to Photowalks – I’ve only went to one since I traveled so much in 2012 and each Chicago one seemed to be a weekend I was gone. It was a little intimidating the first time but over time I certainly see the benefits of being with like minded people who understand it isn’t crazy to get up at 4 AM and drive two hours in hopes of catching an epic sunrise

5) Give yourself a ‘self assignment’ – Mine is the Daily Photo project. It takes a lot of work but its also kept me dedicated and without it my photography would have probably plateaued whereas now I feel I keep improving and have become more efficient in my workflow, publishing, etc…

6) Teach someone to be a better photographer in 2013 – I find myself talking about it all the time and I’m always willing to share whatever knowledge (albeit nothing in comparison to the ‘masters’ out there) I have with others just starting out. We’ve all been there and those first few months are highly intimidating.

7) Tell more stories with your camera – we are literally documenting history. Sure these pictures may not wind up in a book anyplace but the world will never look the same again. Icebergs are melting, temperatures are rising, buildings are being demolished/built….ten seconds after you click the shutter that moment ceases to exist forever. I’m going to do a better job of keeping a journal to provide a little more background on the people/places/feelings of my travels. Hopefully, this will add to the dimension of the story.

So get out there and make 2013 count!

Photo of the Day – Sitting in the Shadows of the Old Oak Tree

It was a warm day and we drove over to Jefferson Island in Louisiana. Here Joseph Jefferson built a large plantation home in the 1870s – Joseph Jefferson at the time was a well known American Actor best known for his portrayal of Rip Van Winkle. We didn’t have time to tour the gardens or the house but we walked around the grounds. On it was a large, old oak tree with branches that swung down and hit the ground. Spanish moss draped off of the branches blocking out the sun. I can see why these trees are so popular down south – they provide so much coverage from the sun that prior to air conditioning they must have been a Godsend. I sat at the far end of one of the long branches and tried to get the rest of the tree in my wide angle lens. I was close but couldn’t quite fit it all in.


5 thoughts on “Inspiration Just Ahead – Seven Ideas for Photographers’ New Years Resolutions

  1. First of all … Happy New Year to you, both … wish you only the best for 2013 – great tip here, and if I wanted to be serious about my photos – I would follow every one of them *smile – one resolution I have taken on and that is never leave home without the camera.

    • That is a great resolution as well. I don’t carry my DSLR with me all the time – but since I always have an iPhone or some other cell phone I feel I’ll always have something to capture that one significant moment. However, I do go out to take photos with my DSLR much more frequently than I used to. When I was ‘learning’ I would read alot of books but not practice what I was actually reading about. In the last fifteen months I’ve learned that doing is much more important than reading.

      • Don’t have a smartphone … my Nokia is 15 years old – not in a big need of mobile since I stopped working, when I worked it as glued to my ear 16 hours per day – so I’m so happy to have my life back. My little Canon goes with me even to hospital – and it does a great job, sometimes I miss a good marco, but I like my freedom.
        The new smartphones take fantastic photos.

      • That is a good call – when you are on the phone that much it becomes a nuisance so probably a good thing you don’t do that nearly as much. I can tell your little Canon does a great job as your photos are always very nice.

      • Thank you very much … sometimes I miss my big camera, but it eats films – but I have promised myself not to go down that road again.
        I never manuals so I find out new things that it does every week. Today I found out how purple will stay purple in shot and not turn out blue. Only had the camera for 5 years. *smile.

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