Sideways in Wine Country

We’ve been up to the California wine country in Santa Ynez Valley California (of ‘Sideways‘ fame) twice in the past two years. We always enjoy our time out there and love coming home with lots of new wines to try. One of our favorite restaurants out there is called the Hitching Post also in the movie and it is where Miles winds up meeting Maya during their trip to wine country in the movie. If you are ever able to make it out there definitely get the steak – I don’t know what the flavoring is they put on it but it is phenomenal. Also, make sure to get the Highliner Pinot Noir – it is local to the region and I’ve been unable to find it elsewhere so enjoy while you are there!

Photo of the Day – A Toast to being Toasted

We had our Christmas Party last night for work – sure a little late but we were really busy in December so it made it a challenge. In past parties I’ve made the mistake of being a little ‘overserved’. Fortunately, I work in an environment where (in moderation i.e. not ALL the time) that is not frowned upon so career wise it hasn’t done much to damage my growth. However, I’m now in my 9th year of being ’employed’ after college in varying degrees and looking around the room I quickly realized the youth was no longer me. I have become one of the ‘old guys’. Someone who leaves the party at 11 PM when the younger kids are just getting amped up to go hit the bars in Chicago until 4 AM. I can’t even think of the last time I made a bar until 2 AM. I’m not upset about that or anything, I’m happy I have other things to fill my mind (i.e. it’s almost midnight and I’m ‘blogging’) but at the same time those Christmas party memories of doing shots with my colleagues until all hours of the night still lie firmly in my brain as well.


4 thoughts on “Sideways in Wine Country

    • Definitely being an old guy isn’t half bad and the Saturday morning was much more rewarding since I woke up and didn’t feel like I get hit by a semi-truck the night before. I got so much more accomplished (probably the reason I wasn’t able to make it back to the Blog until this evening) and was much happier with my first day back in the office when the ‘stories’ weren’t about me 🙂

  1. *smile
    Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to. – Bill Vaughn

    Great shot ….. great eye.

    • That’s a great quote! I forced my wife to stay up late this year on New Year’s Eve 🙂 She tried to go to bed at 11:30 but I just kept rambling until whoops it was midnight. Then I let her fall asleep.

      And thank you again for the compliment!

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