More Interesting Photos? More Interesting Places

About a week ago I posted about making improvements in 2013 – one of those items areas that was most critical to improvement was to ‘do whatever it takes to take the shots you need‘. I’ll be doing much more of that in the coming year by extending business trips and trying to find more interesting things to shoot. I’m looking forward to seeing Yosemite National Park, staring up at the Redwoods in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks and meditating in the Garden of the Gods.

Photo of the Day – Colosseum Walls

One of the most interesting places I’ve ever visited is Rome, Italy. My wife and I went there on our first vacation – at the time we had only been dating a few months but we both had the travel bug and decided to make the trip. We found out then we vacationed differently but over the years we have learned how to appease the other one on our travels – compromise is the key to all.


3 thoughts on “More Interesting Photos? More Interesting Places

  1. Rome, a city I have very mix feelings about – had a fantastic time .. great old buildings – fantastic shops and food excellent – but still we didn’t click … something was missing for me. I agree that Colosseum is a magnificent place. Excellent job with your photo.

    • How long were you there for? We were there for a week and while the first few days I wasn’t ‘hooked’ I certainly was by the time we left. I so want to go back not only to Rome but to all of Europe. I wish in the US we had ‘holidays’ like they do in Europe where we could take a month to spend going cross continent because there are so many places I want to go to. Quite honestly a month probably wouldn’t be long enough – I should just move to the UK so the flights are less daunting.

      • UK is a great spot to live … with all budget airlines flying all over … and everywhere. Lived there for 20 years. I was in Rome 7 days in the late 70’s. I can’t put the finger on what it was that – I felt was missing. Maybe it’s only me and Italy that don’t click. Living in UK – you can go long weekends to fantastic cities like Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm … Vienna.

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