Winter Concert – Live from Red Rock Amphitheatre

I registered earlier to win a Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800. Since I shoot Canon if I win I’ll take the 5D – the body itself sells for more than all my photo equipment combined. I think if I won it I’d wrap it in bubble wrap just so I wouldn’t drop it like I did with my Canon went I to Red Rock Amphitheatre last winter.

Do you Want to win a new camera? If so, make sure to register for their contest via the link below – all you have to do is like them on Facebook. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’d be a pretty nice present for MLK day (you know if you didn’t want it and wanted to ship it over to me?)!

Photo of the Day – The Red Rock Amphitheatre

So I spent the evening walking around Red Rock Amphiteatre taking pictures – it was my first time traveling with my wide angle lens and I was excited to be heading up to Rocky Mountain National Park after my meeting the following day. I took about 70 pictures or so as the sun set behind me – the colors were blah but whatever I was going snow shoeing in two days and would catch some good light at sunrise. As I walked through the parking lot back to my car I hit a patch of black ice – my feet went up in the air and I landed hard on my backpack and elbow. Regardless of how my elbow felt – the camera was safe and that’s all I cared about at the moment. I was holding my camera in my other hand and was very proud of myself for holding it up and not dropping it or letting it hit ground (or so I thought).

The next day my meeting ended and I drove up to the National Park. During my drive I got my first speeding ticket in 10+ years (must have been excited!) but still nothing was going to get me down. I got to the park just in time for what I hoped would be a nice sunset over Sprague Lake which is a fairly short hike from a nicely situated parking lot. I took my tripod and camera out of the bag – leaving all but my wide angle lens behind because I was going to put this thing through the ringers. I hiked to the spot and setup to take my first shot just as the sun was setting – I clicked the shutter…..Nothing. I clicked it again and checked the auto focus thinking something got screwed up….nothing. Was the camera frozen? It was cold but not that cold so that couldn’t be it. I examined the camera and lens in more detail and it was at that time I noticed the lens was almost completely separated at the focus ring. I tried to manually turn it but it wouldn’t budge – ultimately I realized the lens must have hit the ground and because it was somewhat dark the night before I never noticed the separating in the focus ring on the lens. I sat on a little log next to my tripod realizing what a bad day I had – throbbing elbow, speeding ticket and a broken lens. It was too late to go back to the car to get the other lens so I just watched the colors come and go before heading back to my car. That was one of my most disappointing days as a photographer and heck even that day wasn’t too bad (with the exception of the few hundred dollars I wound up having to pay to fix the lens).


One thought on “Winter Concert – Live from Red Rock Amphitheatre

  1. Talk about that .. one disaster don’t come along – so, sorry for elbow and lens .. the ticket – I don’t feel sorry over. Fantastic photo, but there is some lines in the photo – like scratches.

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